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Re: Building Asterisk with PostgreSQL support

On Jun 20, 11:02am, Mike Bowie wrote:
} Since you're mentioning it, there are a couple of other "gotchas" with 
} modern (post 1.8) * under NetBSD which I've run across. (Untested on 
} other platforms.)
} The first is that appears to have a race condition, 

     Which version of NetBSD are you using?  There was a kernel
bug related to this, but that was fixed some time ago.

} which causes it to stall indefinitely until * eats all it's available 
} file handles. This can be seen building via "sip show channels" 
} maintaining connections which never die, and "timing test" going totally 
} sideways. Disabling it in modules.conf, falling back to 
} appears to work around that.
} The second is that the new pjproject code fairly consistently crashes * 
} as channel load picks up to ~15 active channels. The patch I've cat'd 
} below hacks out the PJ code in the build, reverting to the original * 
} RTP code. While I did manage to build * with DONT_OPTIMIZE (and 

     Thanks, I'll take this patch in the next update.

} struggled a bit with the way menuconfig works... or doesn't) the PJ code 
} doesn't include symbols with that flag, and I never figured out how to 
} do so to get a deeper BT. * 13 drops the legacy RTP code altogether, so 
} at some point this will have to be figured out more appropriately.
}-- End of excerpt from Mike Bowie

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