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Re: Building Asterisk with PostgreSQL support

On Jun 20,  9:54am, "D'Arcy J.M. Cain" wrote:
} I tried changing the package as shown below but it doesn't create the
} required modules.  The changes are meant to follow these instructions
} on the Asterisk page:
} Configure asterisk with postgresql support:
} ./configure --with-postgres=<dir where postgresql is installed>

     I'm curious why you don't just use unixodbc?  If you do that,
then it doesn't matter what database you want to use.  I use it on
production servers to connect to MySQL, so I know unixodbc (and
the MySQL Connector) works.

} However, there is a further instruction:
} Then issue the command:
} make menuconfig
} In the menu select 2.Call Detail Recording -> then check cdr_pgsql
} I assume that make menuconfig is already run during the build but I


} don't know how to run that second part.  Is there some magic for that?

     Yes, should be somewhat obvious from looking at the post-configure:
target in  You're also missing updates to the PLIST.
In other words, your patch is severely lacking.

} Anyone have a problem if I commit these changes once I have it working?

     Yes.  As you noted, it has OWNER= set.  Also, I'm in the middle
of working on an update and will be very annoyed if it changes
under me.  The update has been slowed by upstream changes to
menuconfig that breaks the method I use to select options.

}-- End of excerpt from "D'Arcy J.M. Cain"

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