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Re: Fix for print/cups15 CERT VU #810572/CVE-2015-1158/CVE-2015-1159

Hello Greg, Edgar and tech-pkg@,

Greg Troxel writes:
> Really I'd like to get cups 2 in good enough shape that there is no
> reason for anyone to want to run cups15....
I am using print/cups (so the 2.0.3) version with a Samsung ML-2251N
printer on NetBSD/amd64 -current and pkgsrc-current.

I have collected and shared some notes in a previous thread on

...and I hope that some recent PRs that I had opened and kindly closed
by Thomas Klausner and Aleksej Saushev fix various problems (they will
be available in pkgsrc-2015Q2).

Regarding SPL (Samsung Printer Language) printers I know that wip/splix
package unfortunately does not work. But at least for the printer
mentioned above and probably also other printers alternative PPDs
(e.g.: gdi) should work pretty well.

PS: I have ``PKG_OPTIONS.gs_type+=           ghostscript-agpl'' but
previously I have also tested it with the older ghostscript version.


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