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Re: Brute force hack for default MACHINE_ARCH on 64/32 bit NetBSD installations

Martin Husemann <> writes:

> Hey folks,
> I know this is usually handled properly during bootstrap (or so I guess at
> least) - but on NetBSD, especially the variants running with 32bit userland
> on 64 bit kernels by default, like mips64, the below patch would help
> to make things work out of the box.

To find a middle ground between your goals and Joerg's objection, I
wonder if there should be a sysctl or something to
define/declare/communicate the default ABI of the system.  I can
certainly see a system intended to run 32-bit programs normally but with
a 64-bit-capable kernel, and it seems pkgsrc should respect thst choice
if it's been made.

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