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Re: Removing lang/python26

Greg Troxel <> writes:

> Tobias Nygren <> writes:
>> On Fri, 3 Apr 2015 12:43:30 -0400
>> wrote:
>>> > Removal proposals should explain what what's officially EOL and actually
>>> > unmaintained and for how long, will be lost, and what the positive
>>> > effects on maintenance issues will be.  (I have not noticed any real
>>> > pain from python26 still being in pkgsrc.)
>>> python26 was EOL'd in 2013Q4. $X py26 packages will be lost. Maintenance will
>>> be easier due to having fewer packages to maintain and not backporting fixes to
>>> packages which might never be fixed upstream. Fewer breaks in bulk builds due
>>> to upstream dropping support for py26 (sometimes, this is not documented).
>>> etc. etc.
> The real issue is how much pain it will cause people, and whether we can
> reasonably tell anyone people using py26-anything  that the time is long
> past when that is a reasonble thing to do.  Probably we're there, but
> I should have expressed that gauging the pain imposed on people who are
> not being unreasonable is part of the point.

This depends on what exactly is lost and if there exists easy upgrade path.
It would be nice to know what exactly is affected at this point.

> So if no one speaks up in a week that explaining why we should keep 26,
> I won't object to removal.

It would help to know what exactly is lost (if anything).


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