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Re: filing patches upstream (legal)

From: Niclas Rosenvik <>, Date: Mon, 4 May 2015 13:35:55 +0200

> Hi everyone. I have filed patches from x11/qt5-qtbase that I am the
> creator of to the qt project. I would like to send other patches from
> this package upstream. The problem is that they aren't mine and I don't
> want to breach any copyright on these patches.
> QT has a cla[1] where one licenses the contributed code to the qt
> project.
> What do the creators of these patches think about sending their
> patches upstream? (I hope they read this list)
> Some of them are just "defined(__NetBSD__)" here and there.
> From a copyright perspective, is it okay for me to send these patches
> upstream?
> /Niclas Rosenvik
> 1.


All of my patches to qt5-* is in public domain.
Please send them to upstream.

Thank you.

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