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Re: Patches for NetBSD-4

Edgar Fuß <> writes:

> Yes, I know that NetBSD 4 is unsupported.
> Nevertheless, I have a bunch of pkgsrc patches to make certain packages 
> build/run on 4.0.1.
> Is there any sensible way of sharing them? They may be not only of interest 
> to other people running ancient versions of NetBSD; some of them could (in 
> some generalized way) be useful for other platforms, too.
> For example, yesterday, I fixed www/squid3 which didn't detect sockaddr_un 
> because of a missing #include <sys/types.h> in the configure test.

The tricky issue is the tradeoff between management burden and useful.
If the patches aren't that crufty (meaning they are smallish and good
hygiene for the upstream anyway, or likely to help on other systems),
then I wouldn't object to adding them.

You could put up a tarball that is usable with LOCALPATCHES.  That would
allow integration into pkgsrc, too.

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