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Re: devel/imake and clang

On Tue, Dec 30, 2014 at 04:27:35PM +0100, Edgar Fu? wrote:
 > EF> 	CPPFLAGS+=		-DRAWCPP=\"${PREFIX}/bin/tradcpp\"
 > ?[...]
 > EF> 	CPPFLAGS+=		-DRAWCPP='"${PREFIX}/bin/tradcpp"'
 > JS> That makes no sense, they should result in exactly the same variable
 > JS> content.
 > Well, the first version fails (C compiler can't generate executables), the 
 > second version produces a working imake.
 > What else can I do to prove it makes a difference? On NetBSD, I would just 
 > ktrace the whole thing, but Apple removed ktrace from OS X.

You don't need to prove that it makes a difference, you need to
diagnose what the difference is :-)

Maybe try running the configure script under sh -x? Best way to do
this I think is to stick -x in CONFIG_SHELL. Be sure to use the same
shell in case it's a shell bug. (Or, try a different shell and see if
the problem goes away.)

But first, check what shows up in config.log in both cases...

David A. Holland

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