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Re: devel/imake and clang

Le 30/12/2014 16:27, Edgar Fuß a écrit :
EF> 	CPPFLAGS+=		-DRAWCPP=\"${PREFIX}/bin/tradcpp\"
EF> 	CPPFLAGS+=		-DRAWCPP='"${PREFIX}/bin/tradcpp"'
JS> That makes no sense, they should result in exactly the same variable
JS> content.
Well, the first version fails (C compiler can't generate executables), the
second version produces a working imake.
What else can I do to prove it makes a difference? On NetBSD, I would just
ktrace the whole thing, but Apple removed ktrace from OS X.

Untested for me, but there are dtrace scripts floating around that try to reproduce ktrace/truss functionality. One from joyent:

Jean-Yves Migeon

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