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to revbump or not to revbump?


I am facing an issue with pkgin that I don't know if I should handle within
pkgin itself or if there was something wrong while bumping some packages.

There are a couple of issues opened regarding pkgin that I've witnessed myself
several of hours ago, where pkgin would sometimes remove some packages in the
full upgrade process without any aparent reason. The case I witnessed was
related to fontconfig and freetype2.

While trying a full upgrade, pkgin would do the following:

14 packages to be upgraded: wget-1.16 sqlite3- redis-2.8.17 py27-twisted-
14.0.1 p5-IO-Compress-2.066 iozone-3.408nb4 go-1.3.3 p5-Compress-Raw-Zlib-2.066 p5-Compress-Raw-Bzip2-2.066 osabi-NetBSD-6.0 py27-cryptography-0.5.4 freetype2-2

6 packages to be removed: tk-8.6.3 elasticsearch-1.4.0 sqlitebrowser-2.0beta1nb4
 qt4-libs-4.8.6nb3 openjdk7-1.7.71nb1 libXft-2.3.2

14 packages to be installed: freetype2-2.5.4 py27-cryptography-0.6.1 p5-Compress
-Raw-Zlib-2.067 p5-Compress-Raw-Bzip2-2.067 osabi-NetBSD-6.1_STABLE wget-1.16.1 sqlite3- redis-2.8.18 py27-twisted-14.0.2 p5-IO-Compress-2.067 iozone-3.4
29 go-1.4 (44M to download, 20M to install)

Debugging a bit further, I noticed that the packages to be removed all depended
on fontconfig, which is NOT to be upgraded because I have the latest version
installed (fontconfig-2.11.1nb1 from pkgsrc-2014Q3). Thing is, fontconfig from
HEAD, while also being at version 2.11nb1, does not depend anymore on
freetype2, and that makes the reverse dependency tree wrong for the 6 packages
to be removed, thus leading to their removal.

My question is: was it a mistake not to bump fontconfig revision or must I take
that kind of wild update into account directly in pkgin?


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