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Re: wip: packages in the main tree dependent on wip packages

Thomas Klausner <> writes:

>> I have been grepping for Business and business in the perl files that
>> p5-biblatex-biber installs and it returns nothing. I also tried to
>> uncomment the dependencies to wip in the Makefile and reinstall biber
>> without these dependencies installed. Running biber without these
>> dependencies causes no problems for me. So I think it's totally safe to
>> remove
>> DEPENDS+= p5-Business-ISSN-[0-9]*:../../wip/p5-Business-ISSN 
>> DEPENDS+= p5-Business-ISMN-[0-9]*:../../wip/p5-Business-ISMN
>> from print/p5-biblatex-biber/Makefile since they are not used by the
>> package.
> Perhaps for this version, but 1.9 says:
>     !  Business::ISMN is not installed
>     !  Business::ISSN is not installed
> so they'll be needed on the next update anyway.

Sure, but we need a get-well plan for HEAD and 2013Q3, which violate the
no-wip-references rule.  After that, the package can be updated.

I'd say it's better to delete the references and mark the package BROKEN
on 2013Q4, and then to update on HEAD if that's how it is.  The package
is going to fail on bulk builds anyway, or should.

Any reason not to just remove the dependencies and submit a pullup?

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