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Re: wip: packages in the main tree dependent on wip packages

On Fri, 3 Oct 2014 16:41:43 +0000
David Holland wrote:

> On Thu, Oct 02, 2014 at 01:52:33PM +0200, Niclas Rosenvik wrote:
>  > While trying to install print/p5-biblatex-biber I found that it is
>  > dependent on packages in pkgsrc-wip. 
>  > I have updated wip/p5-Business-ISMN, wip/p5-Business-ISSN and
>  > wip/p5-Tie-Cycle. 
>  > Can someone review these and import them into the main tree to make
>  > print/p5-biblatex-biber independent of pkgsrc-wip?
> I remember this issue coming up when the package was added... quite
> some time ago. I thought it had been cleaned up. Or did it come back
> recently?

The wip dependencies are mentioned in all revisions of the Makefile.
The reason I found out about it was that wip/p5-Tie-Cycle had it's
distfile removed from it's repository some my build broke.
p5-Tie-Cycle is a dependency for one of the wip dependencies in the
I have been grepping for Business and business in the perl files that
p5-biblatex-biber installs and it returns nothing. I also tried to
uncomment the dependencies to wip in the Makefile and reinstall biber
without these dependencies installed. Running biber without these
dependencies causes no problems for me. So I think it's totally safe to
DEPENDS+= p5-Business-ISSN-[0-9]*:../../wip/p5-Business-ISSN 
DEPENDS+= p5-Business-ISMN-[0-9]*:../../wip/p5-Business-ISMN
from print/p5-biblatex-biber/Makefile since they are not used by the

/Niclas Rosenvik

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