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Re: cvs fumbles with packages and distfiles

Le 02/10/14 14:18, Thomas Klausner a écrit :

Here's what's wrong. You do have distfiles and packages directories in
pkgsrc/ but they do not contain the proper CVS files, even though they
are still mentioned in pkgsrc/CVS/Entries.

Since you say that your distfiles are somewhere else anyway, just do:
cd /home/richard/src/pkgsrc && rm -rf distfiles packages && cvs up distfiles packages
and you should be fine.

Indeed, since very long while now I have .cvsignore distfiles and packages in my .gitignore which has always worked fine until recently.

The problem only manifests itself after having checked out a local branch prior to checking out back to master in order to sync to current.

I removed these and now there is no longer this issue.

On the other hand, I don't know yet how to tell git to ignore everything *but* CVS and .cvsignore in the distfiles and packages directories, but I guess that isn't too pressing since they're now out-of-tree (they weren't when I set it up).

Go figure... guess I'm sorry for the noise (even if distfiles and packages in-tree are rather extraneous).

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