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Re: cvs fumbles with packages and distfiles

Le 02/10/14 11:57, Joerg Sonnenberger a écrit :
On Thu, Oct 02, 2014 at 10:58:08AM +0200, Richard PALO wrote:
Noticed this annoyance for awhile now:
richard@omnis:/home/richard/src/pkgsrc$ cvs update
cvs update: ignoring distfiles (CVS/Repository missing)
cvs update: ignoring packages (CVS/Repository missing)
cvs update: move away `distfiles/.cvsignore'; it is in the way
C distfiles/.cvsignore
cvs update: move away `packages/.cvsignore'; it is in the way
C packages/.cvsignore

is there any particular reason to keep these in the tree?
This foils a private ~/.cvsignore with packages and distfiles in it.

Yes, they are the default location and as such, removing them would
create noise for most users. You know that you can easily just move the
location via mk.env?


I didn't know about mk.env, but I do have the following in mk.conf
(I believe adapted from jperkin@):
.if exists(${PKGSRCDIR}/CVS/Tag)
PKGSRC_BRANCH!=	${TOOLS_PLATFORM.awk} -F- '{print $$2}' < ${PKGSRCDIR}/CVS/Tag
PACKAGES=	/export/pub/pkgsrc/packages/${PKGSRC_BRANCH}/${MACHINE_PLATFORM}
DISTDIR=	/export/pub/pkgsrc/distfiles

Regardless, the 'noise' is identical... every cvs update, I have to remove the two .cvsignore files, as they are 'in the way'. It would be nice to avoid that.

Since the pkgsrc infrastructure will create the directories when needed (fetching or packaging) it appears unnecessary to keep them 'in-tree'.

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