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Re: rollback print/cups for pkgsrc-2014Q2?

Greg Troxel writes:
- (Eric Schnoebelen) writes:
- > In reality, if you install cups-filters, all will work as
- > desired (or will after I check in the small set of changes and
- > clean ups in a little bit.) But in it's current naming scheme,
- > it's extremely non-obvious that you must have cups-filters to
- > have a working cups printing system.
- Can cups just depend on cups-filters?

Sadly, no.  cups-filters depends on the libraries that cups
installs. :(  So, cups-filters depends on cups already.
Creating a circular dependency isn't going to work. (I'd hate to
see what bmake would do with that.  or pbulk.)

- > I'd be inclined to name the meta package "cups", and have what
- > is currently cups built/installed as cups-server or cups-base.
- cups-base seems ok.  I guess cups-server is accurate, but it seems that
- if one wants to have a machine without a printer automatically discover
- machines with printers, it feels like a client machine, even though to
- be a printer client you locally run a server.  Hence I don't like
- cups-server.

I agree with cups-server being a poor name. 

An alternative I haven't mentioned is to document that
print/cups-filter is required in the MESSAGE file. Which I don't
consider a good solution.

Is there a consensous on moving cups into print/cups-base, and
reusing print/cups as a meta package depending on print/cups and

Eric Schnoebelen       
        There cannot be a crisis today; my schedule is already full.

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