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Re: rollback print/cups for pkgsrc-2014Q2?

Thomas Klausner writes:
- On Sat, Aug 23, 2014 at 02:42:20PM -0500, Eric Schnoebelen wrote:
- > I'm rapidly reaching the conclusion that cups with-out cups filters
- > is nearly useless in an environment of networked systems sharing
- > a common print server.
- > 
- > Should we consider rolling cups-filters into cups so we keep
- > functionality equivalent to cups 1.5?
- I don't like that for maintenance reasons, but a meta package of
- appropriate name (cups-working? :) that depends on both would be ok
- in my eyes.

I can't say I'm fond of the idea either, but pkgsrc does have
the infrastructure to handle a package needing multiple source
tar-balls to build.

In reality, if you install cups-filters, all will work as
desired (or will after I check in the small set of changes and
clean ups in a little bit.) But in it's current naming scheme,
it's extremely non-obvious that you must have cups-filters to
have a working cups printing system.

I'd be inclined to name the meta package "cups", and have what
is currently cups built/installed as cups-server or cups-base.

Just my thoughts, which, when combined with $5, might get you
something good to drink at the neighborhood coffee house or pub.

Eric Schnoebelen              
  Server (n.), 1. Large, extremely expensive machine that goes "Ping!".
  Measuring at least 25 cubic feet, heavy, bulky and giving of more heat
    than a nuclear power plant.  It's big, it's bad, it's beautiful and 
      makes it pretty clear what happened to this year's IT-budget.

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