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Re: Perl shebang version mismatch

TK> All the files I have in /usr/pkg/bin have /usr/pkg/bin/perl as
TK> shebang. I don't have a single one that matches "/perl5".
EF> Hm. Looks like REPLACE_PERL puts in /usr/pkg/bin/perl, but during 
EF> stage-install, that gets changed to /usr/pkg/bin/perl5.18.2

TK> Try finding out how you that happened for you, I don't think it's
TK> typical.
EF> It looks like a standard Perl module with PERL5_MODULE_TYPE=Module::Build.
Looks like converters/txt2html is also affected. As should be textproc/po4a.

My understanding is that recent versions of Module::Build put a path to the 
version-qualified Perl interpreter into the "Build" file, where it seems to 
be picked up at later stages.

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