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Re: REPLACE_PERL version mismatch

On Wed, Apr 30, 2014 at 08:45:49AM -0400, Greg Troxel wrote:
> Edgar Fuß <> writes:
> > I built a (local) package on 2014Q1, and REPLACE_PERL seems to have put a
> >     #!/usr/pkg/bin/perl5.18.2
> > shebang in it. I can install that package on a machine with a 2013Q4 perl 
> > (version 5.18.1) because the package dependency is just
> >     perl<5.20.0
> >     perl>=5.18.0
> > but obviously it won't run.
> >
> > So either the dependency should be fixed or the shebang changed to a new 
> > perl5.18 link.
> It seems best to REPLACE_PERL with just /usr/pkg/bin/perl, rather than
> the fully-qualified path, since we don't support parallel installs of
> perl.
> Otherwise, one could consider changing the perl micro version to be an
> ABI change requiring revbumps.

All the files I have in /usr/pkg/bin have /usr/pkg/bin/perl as
shebang. I don't have a single one that matches "/perl5".

Try finding out how you that happened for you, I don't think it's

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