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Re: pkg_regress usage and errors

On Mon, Jul 14, 2014 at 6:49 PM, Richard PALO <> 

> Apparently not much has changed since this posting.

Amitai and I were looking at pkg_regress during pkgsrccon. At the
time, all but one test was broken, and I fixed a couple ones. But for
most of them, I could not figure out what the actual problem was. And
the output from the pkg_regress tool is less than helpful IMHO.

> For example, regress/tools seems to only need LANG=C or LANG=posix in order
> to get it to pass directly...

Could you add that to the test runner please?

>> Running testcase sglquote
>> 1c1
>> < \a   b z
>> ---
>>> \\a   b z

This is not a helpful message, at all. I believe way that the tests
are run could be done better.
In the Go project, the use of test assertion frameworks is forbidden,
instead you use a _custom_ error message for each type of test -- and
ideally give the test a descriptive name. "sglquote" is probably not
expressive enough.

Ideally, you would want to run the tests in a harness like Perl's TAP
(Test Anything Protocol), and you would want to make them small and
descriptive. Are you willing to help with working on this?


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