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xetex seems to be just a pdflatex


some time ago I prepared a slide for and aked for some help in a 
LaTeX newsgroup.
Beside some other things, Herbert Voss told me that I could use pstricks 
directly without the indirection over latex -> dvips -> ps2pdf using xetex. But 
it seems (at least my) xetex from pkgsrc behaves just as pdflatex.

Is it just my installation which is probably broken (and how can I clean 
restart - read: after pkg_delete all latex packages, what do I have to remove?) 
or is it a general problem?

If someone wants to test out-of-the-box - it's not a small one but when that 
does with xetex, it's mine what's broken:

Jens Rehsack
pkgsrc, Perl5

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