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New pkgsrc PMC team

Please join me in welcoming Jonathan Perkin (jperkin) to the pkgsrc
Project Management Committee.  Jonathan is a long time contributor to
pkgsrc, and we are all impressed by the way he's slowly and steadily
brought up the binary package count on the Joyent platforms, his
informed and insightful blogging, and various informational
instructions and HOWTOs, to say nothing of his Mac OS X bulk builds.

The pkgsrc PMC is now:

        Alistair Crooks (agc)
        Greg Troxel (gdt)
        Jonathan Perkin (jperkin)
        Amitai Schlair (schmonz)
        Thomas Klausner (wiz)

Welcome, Jonathan!

Alistair Crooks
On behalf of the pkgsrc PMC

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