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Re: Planning for pkgsrc-2014Q2

     I don't know if sendmail counts are far-reaching, but I am
planning on some significant improvements to the package, along
with an update to 8.14.9.  I will definitely try to have this in
before the freeze.  Here is the list of changes for interested
parties (some people have already been contacted privately):

- PR/48566 - Emmanuel Dreyfus
  - always set _FFR_USE_GETPWNAM_ERRNO on NetBSD
  - roll ffr_tls_1 and the suggested ffr_tls_ec into one new ffr_tls option
    - not enabled by default because it changes behaviour
- consolidate several patches into site.config.m4
  - pkgsrc LDFLAGS should always be used
- don't bother specifying file owner/group anywhere except in Makefile
- PR/47207 - Richard Palo
  - let pkgsrc infrastructure handle file ownership and group
- PR/35249 - Loren M. Lang
  - can't find libraries on Linux, this should be fixed by using pkgsrc LDFLAGS
- PR/46694 - Makoto Fujiwara
  - bring back from when sendmail was part of the base system
- create include/sm/os/sm_os_netbsd.h to fix warnings and OS specific stuff
- install mail.local and rmail
- convert to use res_n* functions
  - allows for linking against threaded libraries

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