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Re: wip/mk/ cleanups

Greg Troxel <> writes:

> Aleksej Saushev <> writes:
>> Richard Hansen <> writes:
>>> On 2014-05-06 08:30, Thomas Klausner wrote:
>>>>> Subject: [PATCH 05/13] use :Q modifier to escape special shell characters
>>>> Did this actually fix anything or is it just for safety?
>>> Just for safety.  Sorry for not mentioning that in the commit message;
>>> I'll update it in the next re-roll.
>> I'm sceptical of such changes too. Could you keep them for another time?
> What do you mean by skeptical?  It seems that quoting is hard and
> annoying to get right, and that we perhaps do not insist on perfection
> (certainly, no test suite with ridiculous variable contents).  But it
> seems that doing it incrementally better is perfectly ok, and I don't
> see why it's objectionable.

I mean that it doesn't solve any problem.

In my opinion, sprinkling quotations in the hope that perhaps some day
it will probably work somehow is not "doing it incrementally," because
"incrementally" assumes some directed motion. Like "eventually, I want
PKGSRCDIR to contain spaces, and I introduce gradual, incremental changes
to support that." Here it is more like "doing it completely at random."
It would make little or no matter, if it wouldn't hamper code readability.

It may be that by the time someone starts incremental changes to support
spaces in path names, he will have to read the code several times and
perhaps rework it significantly.


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