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Re: wip/mk/ cleanups

Richard Hansen <> writes:

> Attached are some fixes/cleanups to wip/mk/  I'd
> appreciate it if someone would review them before I commit them to the
> pkgsrc-wip repository (please cc me in any replies).

Please, don't commit any changes to without corresponding
changes to and other *

> The main user-visible change is that it is no longer necessary to set
> WRKSRC or except in unusual circumstances (e.g., cloning
> two repositories).   Simple packages only need to do this:
>     url://to/repo.git
> and it will work regardless of the name of the repository in the Git
> URL, the value chosen for ${GIT_REPOSITORIES}, or the value of ${PKGNAME}.
> Patches #1 through #7 clean up itself, and patch #8
> cleans up the packages that use  I have not tried
> building all of the packages affected by patch #8; some of them fail to
> build even without these patches applied.

+#              If ${WRKSRC} doesn't exist by the time post-extract is
+#              run, ${WRKSRC} will be created as a symlink pointing
+#              to ${GIT_MODULE.${GIT_REPOSITORIES:[1]}}.

I'm afraid, it doesn't clean anything up, it only introduces more
divergence to other <vcs>

-# Cache support:
-#   cache file name
+# cache file name

This is outright wrong. First, it removes the only way not to cache
local repositories, and second, it is a huge step back that it inlines
modularized parts back.


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