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Re: (re-)enabling gnuplot wxwidgets terminal by default

On Sun, May 04, 2014 at 11:33:22AM -0400, Greg Troxel wrote:
> (Of course no objections to fixing the wxwidgets option.)

I was kinda fishing for objections to the implementation. :-)
Specifically if the change would affect OSX users.

> As for enabling it by default, how much does this increase the size of
> gnuplot.

I didn't check.  Note that wxGTK28 draws via pango and cairo too.

I find the gstreamer and dbus dependencies annoying.  But then, I use Firefox
and LibreOffice so I get mounds of unwanted, err, "stuff" anyway.

Not sure if wxGTK28 build everywhere.  I've taken to use pkgsrc modular X
for all my packages on netbsd-5 years ago.  Much less lossage that way.
GTK28 seems to work OK that way on -5.

I think the main selling point for wxt is that it renders via pango and
cairo, looks spiffier than the x11 terminal, and that it scales the plot
preserving the aspect ration when you resize the window.  The latter
would be a selling point for me.

Wxt can't be split off from gnuplot as it is compiled into the executable.
The x11 terminal could be split off as it uses a separate executable, though.

The x11 terminal was annoying to use to because it would lose the mouse upon
the slightest provocation.  I think that is mostly fixed since I last checked


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