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Re: (re-)enabling gnuplot wxwidgets terminal by default

Christoph Badura <> writes:

> I'd like to change gnuplot/ as below.  While there I also want to
> enable "wxwidgets" by default because "wxt" is the preferred terminal type
> these days.
> Objections?

(Of course no objections to fixing the wxwidgets option.)

As for enabling it by default, how much does this increase the size of

I checked quickly, and wxGTK28 itself is 60 MB, and with dependencies
(pkg_info -S) it's 265 MB (netbsd 6, i386).  gnuplot currently is 3.7MB,
and 34 MB with dependencies (which is mostly pango and cairo).   So this
seems like a pretty big increase, roughly triple 

Do you know if wxGTK28 builds everywhere gnuplot builds?  It depends on
things like gstreamer, gst-plugins and MesaLib, and MesaLib has recently
been tricky on netbsd-5.

Is it just that the gnuplot people thing wxt is better than the basic
x11 terminal, or is the package built the way it is now really defective
in terms of missing functionality?

Is gnuplot's build able to split the wxwidgets version to a separate
package?  Unfortunately we have to make one choice for binary packages

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