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Re: multiversion Lua patch

Alexander Nasonov wrote:
> [if you're in cc, you're a maintainer of a package I touched]
> I've prepared a patch that allows multiple Lua versions to coexist.
> I've tested it mostly on modules but I've also successfully built
> graphics/graphviz and www/nginx{,-devel} with lua and luajit options,
> respectively.
> Patch is attached. Main changes are listed below.

I'm going to make one big change to how readline is linked. In the
current version of lua51 and lua52 packages, different readline files
are included in Makefile and files:

lua51: .include "../../devel/readline/"
lua52: .include "../../mk/"

Because lua51 builds and works on -current with both readline and
editline, I'm changing lua51 to use mk/


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