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Re: pkg-config files for multiversion Lua

Greg Troxel wrote:
> I think the real question is whether upstream has versioned pc files, or
> whether it is a pkgsrc hacnge.  If upstream, then correct depending
> packages have to deal.  If us, correct depending programs will use the
> unversioned name.

AFAIK, Lua team doesn't ship lua.pc file anymore.

So far, I see only two packages that use pkg-config. One (www/lua-curl)
uses unversioned lua.pc, the other one (wn/notion) uses lua5.x.pc,
while we use lua-5.x.pc.

I think unversioned version is a bit easier to correct because you don't
have to append a special variable:

unversioned: lua --cflags lua
versioned  : lua --cflags lua-${LUA_VERSION} # <- need to pass it to MAKE_ENV


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