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Re: mit-krb5/ problems on solaris

Le 05/10/13 13:08, Richard PALO a écrit :
Le 01/10/13 16:07, Richard PALO a écrit :
Any objections that now the freeze is over that I push the updates (so
far) for
  - scmcvs
  - curl
  - gnome-vfs
+ revert the -lgssapi patch in postgresql92/

as for the API requirement in mit-krb5/, I've tested with
1.6, but I'll leave it to the maintainer to determine where to set it.

I guess I'll need to add the attached fix to an existing cups patch as

As soon as I get any native solaris (and non-solaris) mit-krb5 for a
sanity check, I'll be willing to push these updates.

I've now pushed all the above, as well as for postgresql93.
If any other version of psql needs updating, developers could use either the above appropriately.

I notice that neither mit-krb5 nor heimdal set the buildlink flags for the include directories nor the link libraries.
This future work should greatly simplify things.

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