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mit-krb5/ problems on solaris

I've noticed difficulties getting native mit-krb5 detected on the SunOS I'm running...

Already, by inspection there is one problem in getting the version
because of solaris putting the version indication between parens...

On this version of OI:
richard@x3200:~/src/pkgsrc/mk$ krb5-config --version
Solaris Kerberos (based on MIT Kerberos 5 release 1.6.3)

I believe this patch fixes that:
richard@x3200:~/src/pkgsrc/security/mit-krb5$ git diff .
diff --git a/security/mit-krb5/ b/security/mit-krb5/
index c31837d..c3e754e 100644
--- a/security/mit-krb5/
+++ b/security/mit-krb5/
@@ -39,7 +39,7 @@ MAKEVARS+=
 .  if empty(SH_KRB5_CONFIG:M__nonexistent__)!=     ${SH_KRB5_CONFIG} --version | \
-                               ${SED} -e 's/.*release //' -e 's/-.*//'
+               ${SED} -e 's/.*release //' -e 's/-.*//' -e 's/).*//'
 .  endif     1.4.0          mit-krb5-${}

But that isn't the problem...

Even though it should be on by default on SunOS, I also added 'mit-krb5' to PREFER_NATIVE= and even added KRB5_DEFAULT=mit-krb5


Is there a handy means to debug these scripts a bit more easily?

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