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Re: adding server support to

Thomas Klausner <> writes:

> mk/ currently supports choosing a postgresql client
> package.
> Some programs need an SQL server though, and you can't have
> mismatching postgresql client and server versions installed, so I
> thought about extending it to allow choosing a server version.
> Something like a user-settable variable PGSQL_SERVER, defaulting to
> no, which can be set to yes before including and
> then pulls in the corresponding server instead.

Do you mean package-settable variable?

Are there really any packages which need the server and don't need the
client?   If the variable caused the server to be depended on also, that
seems fine.  The server requires the client anyway, so this is only
about dependency cleanliness.

Another thought is to have PGSQL_COMPONENTS which is ?= to client, and
can be set to a list, currently valid if a subset of "client server",
and to which other components could get added.  I'm not sure how much of
that we should do; depending on postgresql${PGSQL_VERSION}-foo is not so

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