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Re: Introducing SMF support

* On 2013-09-04 at 21:28 BST, Hauke Fath wrote:

> At 14:35 Uhr +0100 3.9.2013, Jonathan Perkin wrote:
> [Solaris SMF support]
> Good to see! I happen to have hacked up manifest files for Samba and
> Netatalk just days ago, but it was a pain I could have done without...
> >  - Add user-settable INIT_SYSTEM variable, with the user able to
> >    choose between 'rc.d' and 'smf'.  Once the majority of packages
> >    have been converted to support SMF, we will make the default 'smf'
> >    on SunOS >= 5.10.
> Since the NetBSD rc.d style scripts only go to
> $LOCALBASE/share/examples/rc.d, we might ship them anyway, even on Solaris
> OSes. I guess it will be a while until all the server packages will have
> grown suitable SMF support?

Well, the main reason for not installing them is to avoid the extra
MESSAGE at pkg_add time.  I'd prefer that there is only the one from
SMF and not both, else it is confusing for users.

However, it would be easy to allow INIT_SYSTEM to specify both as a
list, so users who do want to have both can do so.

> >    Default otherwise will remain 'rc.d'.
> As an aside - how would you start services with rc.d scripts on Solaris
> currently?

Many years ago I used pkgtools/rc.subr and a normal /etc/init.d script
to start/stop them all.  I presume this still works, though it is some
effort to set up.

> >  - Import an SMF 'manifest.xml' file, and an optional 'method' file,
> >    into ${FILESDIR}/smf for each supporting package.
> I am not sure a separate directory for one or two files will scale well.
> I'd say, put them in files, with the rc.d scripts.

Yeh I'm unsure about this, the reason for putting them in smf/ was
mainly forward-thinking for if we do eventually add support for
systemd and upstart etc, then the files/ directory is going to start
getting messy.

There isn't a huge percentage of packages which need init support
anyway, so it's not as if this is going to add thousands of additional
entries, but on this point I'm probably going to be easily swayed if
someone has a strong opinion on it.


Jonathan Perkin  -  Joyent, Inc.  -

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