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Re: Introducing SMF support

At 14:35 Uhr +0100 3.9.2013, Jonathan Perkin wrote:

[Solaris SMF support]

Good to see! I happen to have hacked up manifest files for Samba and
Netatalk just days ago, but it was a pain I could have done without...

>  - Add user-settable INIT_SYSTEM variable, with the user able to
>    choose between 'rc.d' and 'smf'.  Once the majority of packages
>    have been converted to support SMF, we will make the default 'smf'
>    on SunOS >= 5.10.

Since the NetBSD rc.d style scripts only go to
$LOCALBASE/share/examples/rc.d, we might ship them anyway, even on Solaris
OSes. I guess it will be a while until all the server packages will have
grown suitable SMF support?

>    Default otherwise will remain 'rc.d'.

As an aside - how would you start services with rc.d scripts on Solaris

>  - Import an SMF 'manifest.xml' file, and an optional 'method' file,
>    into ${FILESDIR}/smf for each supporting package.

I am not sure a separate directory for one or two files will scale well.
I'd say, put them in files, with the rc.d scripts.

Thanks for your work,


"It's never straight up and down"     (DEVO)

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