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Re: missing

On Thu, Jul 05, 2012 at 08:54:34AM -0500, Jeremy C. Reed wrote:
 > > > According to pkglint, there are 120 packages that install .desktop
 > > > files but do not include
 > The guide says "If a package installs .desktop files under 
 > share/applications and these include MIME information ..."
 > > Don't blindly believe pkglint.
 > > The effect of is to invoke the "update-desktop-database"
 > > tool which updates the "mimeinfo.cache" file. This has only an effect
 > > if the .desktop file installed contains something mime related.

I've been thinking, also, that this is a case where it's probably
better to be conservative: if an update causes a .desktop file to need
this thing to be run, and we carefully pruned it from all cases where
it wasn't explicitly needed, there's nothing to bring the needed
update to anyone's attention, and the desktop mime stuff will then
fail intermittently for some people and not others depending on what
else they install and when. That isn't a good thing.

I know desktop-file-utils is annoying because it depends on glib2.
Maybe it's feasible to provide an alternative to this particular tool
that doesn't?

Alternatively, maybe it's practical to write a post-install check that
inspects .desktop files?

David A. Holland

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