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building multiple targets, postgis

postgis 2 has a functioning build target for docs (and they are less
prebuilt), and an install target, but no make target to do both.   I
asked for that, but upstream didn't want to add it (and I really don't
get that, but..).

In building postgis not in pkgsrc, I do

gmake docs

and then to install

gmake install
gmake docs-intall

Looking in pkgsrc/mk, it seems there is no concept of "do both of these

  .if !target(do-build)
  .  for _dir_ in ${BUILD_DIRS}
          ${RUN}${_ULIMIT_CMD}                                  \
          cd ${WRKSRC} && cd ${_dir_} &&                        \
  .  endfor


  should BUILD_TARGET be a list?

  should I patch makefile to have targets

    both: all docs
    both-install: install docs-install

It seems better to have BUILD_TARGET be a list, because then pkg options
can add targets, but it's a scarier change.

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