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Re: patch for REQUIRES

On Sun, Mar 18, 2012 at 08:56:01PM +0100, Filip Hajny wrote:
> No, there is a -c arg that bypass config files (i.e. what crle governs), but 
> that only makes ldd fall back to the fixed system default, which is 
> /lib:/usr/lib. Also, turning off default search path would also exclude valid 
> linked libs on that path.
> I take back the comment about multimedia/ffmpeg or devel/poco - I can't 
> reproduce those any more. Also, I can't seem to trigger the issue on NetBSD - 
> because I can't find a match between the native lib names/versions and their 
> respective pkgsrc alternatives.
> I *was* able to reproduce on NetBSD when I symlinked /usr/lib/ to 
> /usr/lib/, which matches the version in the archivers/bzip2; that 
> made it show up in REQUIRES. (An unlikely example, but still.)
> So it seems to be largely a case on Solaris, where typically many more native 
> libs are present, yet the user is likely to prefer pkgsrc packages. Do you 
> have concrete objections to the patch besides "works for me" or "not needed 
> on NetBSD"? Should I wrap in OPSYS-based conditional?

I think you have explained well enough why it happens on Solaris and does not 
happen on NetBSD.
If you've tested it on both, then go ahead and commit it.


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