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xulrunner-5 breakage


At xulrunner was updated to 5.0, some files was removed,
some of them are

Then, I found that misc/yelp, www/ruby-gnome2-gtkmozembed and 
x11/py-gnome2-extras is broken
(other package may also be broken)
Without rebuild with xulrunner-5, yelp will not startup with "Could not initialize 
and ruby-gnome2-gtkmozembed will dumped core,
So xulrunner-5 is not compatible with xulrunner-2 (and also 1.9.3), but those 
were not bumped PKGREVISION at update of xulrunner package, it is bad situation.

I feel that many of Gnome related package has been switched to Webkit (and yelp 
for Gnome3 also).

Should we switch those broken package to use devel/xulrunner193?

(BTW, anyone working on Gnome3?)

OBATA Akio /

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