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Re: interactive installs

On Sat, Jun 25, 2011 at 09:42:20AM -0600, Brook Milligan wrote:
 > OBATA Akio writes:
 >  > At least, you need put followings to Makefile:
 >  > INTERACTIVE_STAGE+=       install
 > Yes.  The result of doing that is a message saying
 >       Please install manually with:
 >      cd ${.CURDIR} && ${MAKE} install
 > which in my case is not appropriate.

You could (at least for the time being) write a do-install target that
did what you needed.

I don't suppose the install program can be patched?

 > Is this a useful direction?  Are there better ones?  Regardless, is it
 > a good idea to modify mk/install/ in this way?  during a
 > freeze?

Not during a freeze, no.

David A. Holland

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