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Re: interactive installs

OBATA Akio writes:
 > At least, you need put followings to Makefile:

Yes.  The result of doing that is a message saying

      Please install manually with:
        cd ${.CURDIR} && ${MAKE} install

which in my case is not appropriate.

One option is to include a clause in mk/install/ that
parallels the similar clause in mk/fetch/ to enable
${INSTALL_MESSAGE} to be written instead of the one above.

If that existed I could, for example, create an appropriate make
target in the package Makefile and instruct the user via
${INSTALL_MESSAGE} how they should respond to the prompts for
everything to be installed in a way that pkgsrc will like.  Somehow
this seems like a hack, but perhaps it is the only way.

Is this a useful direction?  Are there better ones?  Regardless, is it
a good idea to modify mk/install/ in this way?  during a

Thanks for any ideas and suggestions.


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