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Re: 64 bit MACHINE_ARCH on solaris vs. pkg_install

On 22.6.2011, at 20:20, Hans Rosenfeld wrote:

> Some packages and most of the builtin stuff also needs to be touched to
> work in a 64bit environment. There are also some packages that don't
> support 64bit Solaris at all, like gcc. That makes it hard to use pkgsrc
> gcc, which I usually do to avoid the outdated Solaris gcc.

Hm, I'm not sure about pkgsrc gcc, but I have used my own GCC kits (4.4.x and 
4.5.x so far) to build software on (x86) Solaris Nevada and Illumos systems, 
and --abi=64 was the only thing needed to yield healthy 64bit packages. Noted I 
wouldn't know about the situation on older versions of Solaris and/or Sparc.

Filip Hajny
Joyent Inc.

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