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Re: pkgsrc support to PackageKit

Le 26 avr. 2011 à 01:11, David Sainty a écrit :

> If your goal is to build something that is of general use it seems like
> Python isn't an awfully practical choice for NetBSD.  Python is
> installed via Pkgsrc on NetBSD if and only if required, meaning your API
> will be unusable until Pkgsrc is well and truly up and running.
> (If your goal is PackageKit only, and if PackageKit somehow already
> implies Python then that might change the equation a bit...)

PackageKit requires Python, so Python is will not a new dependency If i use it. 
My main goal is to permit using pkgsrc in PackageKit. Write an API is just an 
extra for me, to make easier the write of the backend. 
But If I can help NetBSD by writing the API in C, is can be a good reason.

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