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fallout from recent devel/gettext-lib update

Hi all,

I'm running Darwin 10.7 32-bit (Mac OS X 10.6.7 with Xcode 3.2.6). I upgraded gettext-lib from 0.14.6 to using pkg_rolling-replace. libintl from has a different soname, and this caused a few problems:

* textproc/libxslt and security/libgcrypt link against libintl, but they don't directly depend on devel/gettext-lib. (I think they build successfully because they depend on something that depends on devel/gettext-lib.) I believe this prevented pkg_rolling-replace from adding them to UNSAFE_TODO, so they were never rebuilt.

* devel/flex and devel/bison both depend on gettext-lib, and pkg_rolling-replace correctly added them to UNSAFE_TODO, but other packages in MISMATCH_TODO and UNSAFE_TODO that use flex and/or bison at build time were somehow tsorted first. Perhaps those other packages don't directly depend on flex/bison despite directly using them? (I didn't write down the names of the problematic packages, but I think security/mit-krb5 was one of them.)

* On Mac OS X, /usr/include/X11/Xlocale.h and /usr/include/xlocale.h (both supplied by Apple) use the same '#ifndef _XLOCALE_H_' include guard. libintl.h (from gettext-lib #includes xlocale.h, and a file in devel/m17n-lib #includes both X11/Xlocale.h and libintl.h, so both X11/Xlocale.h and xlocale.h get included at the same time. Due to the colliding include guards, the build fails. This is an X bug that was fixed in upstream [1] (by an Apple employee) but the fix hasn't yet made it down to Mac OS X.

My questions for you:
  * Is pkg_rolling-replace not the right way to upgrade gettext-lib?
* Is there an easy way to find all packages that link against libintl but don't directly depend on devel/gettext-lib so that the dependencies can be fixed? (Is adding a dependency on devel/gettext-lib the correct fix?) * Is there an easy way to find all packages that use flex or bison during build but don't directly depend on them? * Is there an easy way to prevent a package from linking against a library if it doesn't directly depend on the package providing that library? * Is it possible for pkgsrc to work around the _XLOCALE_H_ include guard bug?



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