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Re: Improvements to the bootstrap script

Hi Mads,

a different view maybe. I've come up with something similar, a wrapper script 
that becomes an interface for both bootstrap and bmake. I have never felt I 
need any of its functionality integrated into the bootstrap process. Currently 
my script does (or will do) the following:

- clone from our pkgsrc git repo
- bootstrap for any given prefix/compiler/abi combination
- create a new ZFS file system for the prefix (zfs rollback will breat the crap 
out of any unclean deinstall and takes a split second)
- replace bmake and handle particular package or package set builds, also 
handling the RUBY_VERSION_DEFAULT kind of conditions
- prune distfiles and package directories
- rsync packages to our package repository server

So far it assumes an existing package repo to at least get the compiler, but on 
our OS, there is always a package repo to use out of the box. The OS won't 
provide a compiler, so he'd start with something like Studio otherwise.

I tend to look at bootstrap/bmake as a poor man's API of a kind, and my script 
as a front-end. I actually prefer bootstrap to remain as uncomplicated as 
possible, and it's maybe a little too smart for me already, as it is (but 
that's maybe just because it doesn't know our OS flavor yet)...

> We also has promised Openindiana to provide a IPS repo of our builds. For 
> this, it could be nice to have a pkgsrc2ips function build into the pkgsrc 
> framework. At first we will provide our own script to do this, but it could 
> be cool if it was a native pkgsrc function.

I so do not envy you the need to care about IPS. I've just ripped it out of our 
OS and everybody sleeps better. ;)


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