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Re: Improvements to the bootstrap script

Am 10.04.2011 um 02:36 schrieb Mads Worsøe Duun:

> 1) A function to get and update pkgsrc via cvs. This means, instead of first
> getting the pkgsrc tree and then bootstrap, you could get the bootstrap
> script and do something like bootstrap -s (sync) to get the tree. We could
> also have flags for switching branch and mirrors. ipp has these functions
> already.

please keep in mind though that for a given system there might not be a working 
cvs installation at the time of bootstrapping, so I'd advise against making 
that default at least.

> 2) A function to install host dependencies for supported OS' (in our case
> Illumos/Openindiana) e.g. bootstrap -d. I know that this means that
> bootstrap should know about a lot of different package managers, and list of
> witch host dependencies, different OS's needs. You shouldn't be forced to
> use this function, but meant to be a service for supported OS's. ipp has
> this function, but only for Openindiana.

If it is specific to an OS only, I'd consider using a wrapper script for 
bootstrapping (which does not replicate the functionality of bootstrap but 
which does the extra stuff for that OS and then evokes bootstrap). This could 
also be considered for synching maybe. If the functionalities are clearly 
sequential and are not closely interwoven why not separate them in different 

> 3) A function to bootstrap multiply localbases. This is more or less a
> simple --prefix, but instead of choosing a path, you could just give the
> localbase a name and it would bootstrap into a standard location. In the ipp
> script we have this function, and bootstrap into e.g. /opt/ipp/pkg,
> /opt/ipp/test etc. This function would make it very easy to test different
> compilers, or have both a 32 and 64 bit environment. We could also integrate
> functions to list and remove bootstraped localbases.

So what you want is to define certain aliases for some "standard" prefixes?

> 4) A function to switch to a pkgsrc compiler instead of using the host
> compiler, and rebuild of all the packages that need that after a compiler
> switch. You should also be able to choose either a default compiler or one
> of your own choice from pkgsrc. ipp can also do this.

to my knowledge it is in fact possible to choose the compiler to use.

> 5) Generation of a custom mk.conf for different OS's. E.g.
> Illumos/Openindiana needs some tweaks in the mk.conf to get as many packages
> build as possible e.g. PREFER.sun-jre6=native. A standard mk.conf just won't
> do it.

Isn't it possible to put those OS-specific things into the appropriate 
architecture-specific configuration files in pkgsrc/mk?

Georg Schwarz +49 170 8768585

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