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Re: Openindiana pkgsrc bulk build status

iMil wrote:
My last pkgsrc bulk build on SunOS/Openindiana has finished this
morning. This build has begun friday, using pkgsrc-current
(pkgsrc-2011Q1 was not branched yet).

I got 6331 packages successfully built, which is IMHO a pretty good
score. Fixing top 5 offenders should increase this score to at least 7000.

Full report is available here:
Note this is a temporary URL, as soon as we get access to the real
repository, everything will be hosted there.


fwiw, editors/joe is broken due to the patches/patch-ac, removing that file fixes this package on my old installation of OpenSolaris. The patch was introduced because PR lib/43941 (hence CCing roy@).


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