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RE: Change request of devel/autoconf to use .tar.gz

> Is it reasonable that devel/autoconf is changed to back using
> .tar.gz instead of .tar.xz?
> * not negligible package require devel/autoconf to build
> * autoconf require archivers/xz because it is using .tar.xz distfile
> * xz is marked as "GCC_REQD=3.4"
> I don't want to install gcc34 from pkgsrc for just require autoconf.
> Default compiler of Haiku R1 alpha1 is gcc-2.95.3.
> I'm not sure if gcc-3.4 from pkgsrc works on Haiku or not.
> Default compiler of Interix-6.0 is gcc-3.3,
> and lang/gcc34 is marked as "NOT_FOR_PLATFORM=Interix-*-*".

Does anyone know if xz _really really_ requires gcc >=3.4?  I work with a 
number of older platforms, and I know for a fact that gcc 3.4 is not even a 
remote dream right now.  (On one, I'd be happy just to have 2.95.x working.)  
That effectively means losing pkgsrc on them.

Tim Larson
App Admin, Intercall Production Services

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