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Re: Update Problem

On 22 Apr 2010 at 10:44, Jan-Hinrich Fessel wrote:


> No.  That does not work, i ignored rar, which won't build on my NetBSD  
> i386 5.0.2 - it says I need to be running off a kernel with  
> compat_nomid, which I do, but exec_nomid is not defined in the kernel,  
> instead only _KERNEL_OPT_COMPAT_NOMID is defined.

I had rar flagged as notouch and pretty sure those were 
specified when I used pkg_chk/pkg_rr

anyway rar disapeared followed by anything requiring rar.

  cd /usr/pkgsrc/archivers/rar
  make EMUL_PLATFORM=linux-i386 update

Put rar back in place.

I don't know how much of problem I had was down to
that, but suspect most of gnome needed rebuild due
to changes there. 

After previous update there were 1324 packages installed

pkg_rr knocked that back to 640 and there were lots of 
fix problem then continue

That took total installed to 652 and after that it's 
now 2 days later without further interruption, 1130
installed and update still working away on openoffice.


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