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Re: Update Problem

On Tue, Apr 20, 2010 at 10:08:56AM +0200, Jan-Hinrich Fessel wrote:
> Actually, this setup broke my NetBSD-5.0.2 system after the upgrade
> from 1.6.2 and associated pkgsrc.  I had to rm /usr/*bin/pkg* and
> use pkg* from /usr/pkg/ to reconstruct the messed up database...
> What would have been the correct way, i.e. which packages should be
> deleted and replaced with system delivered binaries.

I think that was more an issue of the original pkgdb being severely
broken and not so much an issue of the way the tools are build. A way to
get started is
        pkg_admin rebuild
        pkg_admin rebuild-tree

making sure that the pkg_admin it is running is the correct modern one
(e.g. newer than 2009xxxx). That at least ensures that the database
index and the dependency tree are complete. The rest of the update
should be possible with pkg_rr. I would in this case likely go with a
complete update of all packages in one go through.


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