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Re: Update Problem

On Thu, Apr 22, 2010 at 07:25:20PM +0200, Jan-Hinrich Fessel wrote:
> So, the question should be, how could it get into such a state, and how 
> can this be resolved...
> The machine in question is in production since 1.6.2 came out, with  
> packages only updated when security or functinality absolutely required 
> it.  Nothing fancy, always using the pkgtools from 1.6.2.  Those must 
> have caused the double installations...

There have been many, many things fixed or rearranged in the package
tools since then, so the only useful conclusion for how it happened
was "something broke".

As to how to fix it, pkg_delete the duplicated package repeatedly
until all copies go away, using -f if necessary, then rebuild it.

To be safe, check the depends for each (pkg_info -R foo-1.0, pkg_info
-R foo-1.0nb2, etc.) before removing, make a list of all the packages
named, and make sure those all get rebuilt afterwards.

David A. Holland

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