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Re: make package weirdness in pkgsrc-2010Q1


On Wed, 14 Apr 2010 11:40:09 +0900, Louis Guillaume 
<> wrote:

On 4/9/10 8:07 AM, Greg Troxel wrote:

I think you need:

DEPENDS_TARGET=                 package-install
UPDATE_TARGET=                  package-install

By default, DEPENDS_TARGET is install, not package.  But package doesn't
work with DESTDIR, or rather you get a package but it isn't installed.

So I am boggled as to how this worked for you before.

I also have found strange behaviour after updating to pkgsrc-2010Q1.

My normal procedure for updating to the latest release is like this:

   o Update CVS to the new tag
   o Update pkg_rolling-replace and pkg_chk using "make update".
   o Update bmake, pkg_install and bootstrap-mk-files on non-netbsd.
   o Run pkg_rolling-replace or pkg_chk to update.

With DEPENDS_TARGET=package. It's worked that way for years. I've never
set UPDATE_TARGET before.

Many packages will build, package, but not install! Then the next in
queue for rolling-replace will fail. I have to manually "make install" them.

I haven't gone through everything yet for my systems, but it's weird.
Using DEPENDS_TARGET=package-install seems to help, but I can't be sure
yet. I just added UPDATE_TARGET, so I can't vouch for it as yet.

I assumed that you are using PKG_DEVELOPER=yes.
Before pkgsrc-2010Q1 out, it is changed that if PKG_DEVELOPER=yes, 
USE_DESTDIR=yes subsequently.
With USE_DESTDIR=yes, "package" target just create binary package, not do 

OBATA Akio /

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